defrost/reheating frozen doughnuts

I was given several very delicious doughnuts (crullers from Daily Provisions), so many that I had to freeze a few. I'm hoping that when defrosted that they will still have a lovely custardy interior (almost like a canele). Should I defrost in the refrigerator, and would it be harmful to reheat in an oven? There is a cinnamon sugar coating, and I wouldn't want it to melt. It would also be nice to crisp up the exterior.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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1 Comment

Nancy July 11, 2021
For just eating the doughnuts, yes either defrost in fridge or about 10 to 15 seconds in microwave.
For crisping, this is trickier. Maybe heat a short time under a broiler in the oven, watching it all the time. Yes, the cinnamon sugar coating might melt.
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