clam chowder with raw shucked clam meat

I can only find recipes for chowder using raw clams in the shell, frozen or canned clams. I have a 16 oz container of raw chopped clam meat. I'm guessing I just put in the soup near the end of cooking, but for how long? Or should I cook it with the bacon and set it aside till the end? Do I use the liquid that is with the clams in the container?

Karen McNabb


Gammy July 26, 2021
As for the liquid, if from the clams (and I would think it would be), yes, definitely add it into the chowder. Will just be that much more clam flavor.
AntoniaJames July 26, 2021
If using raw shucked clam meat in a chowder, remember, they need very little time!

Add the raw shucked clam meat at the very end of the chowder-making process, when the chowder is very hot. Cook the clams for only for a minute or two, at most, as clams become hard and rubbery when cooked longer than that. ;o)
Karen M. July 26, 2021
Thanks so much. I found a recipe that suggested cooking it for 3 minutes with the bacon. I ended up doing that, but I won't do it next time. It was still very good, but a touch on the rubbery side. I've adjusted my recipe to reflect your instructions.
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