Is this sauce freezer friendly?

Would this sauce keep if frozen? I'd assume it would be beyond freshness for 8-12 months in the freezer. But perhaps it would keep for up to 6mo at least in the freezer?

Recipe question for: Homemade Worcestershire Sauce


drbabs July 30, 2021
Interesting recipe. Since it has not been tested or commented upon, if i were making it, I’d make about 1/4 of it to make sure I liked it before using up all those ingredients and risking having to throw it away. I do think you should be able to freeze it. I’d freeze it in an ice cube tray that makes small cubes. Also, if you do make it, please rate it and comment on it so others have your information for the future.
Happygoin July 28, 2021
Yes, because who can use that much Worcestershire sauce in 2-3 weeks??

I use a recipe I found in Saveur magazine for my Worcestershire sauce and it keeps pretty much forever.
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