Unprepared or prepared crust?

Confused about the crust directions. Should it be unprepared as ingreds say or prepared? I'm assuming the latter. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Jul
  • October 15, 2021
Chocolate Chess Pie
Recipe question for: Chocolate Chess Pie


AntoniaJames October 15, 2021
Well, it is a bit confusing. I read "unbaked" and "prepared" as meaning the same thing, to wit, a crust that's already been rolled out and put into the pie pan. It does not say to blind bake, so I wouldn't do that.

Also, I looked at the recipe author's blog post for this recipe, which provides no additional insights - other than to suggest that you buy a frozen crust for this pie. (I'd thaw it before filling and baking.) ;o)
Jul October 16, 2021
Thanks for your insights!! Was thinking of making a graham cracker crust...maybe I will par-bake it? Thanks again for looking into it. --Julie
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