Suggestions for a lot of fresh horseradish leftover from making Bloody Marys? No beet recipes, please.

  • Posted by: askann
  • October 16, 2010


siny54 October 18, 2010
spread over salmon, roast in hot oven, very delicious!
iuzzini October 17, 2010
Mix with mashed potatoes and maybe some sauteed onions as a filling for homemade pierogis! Easy to make and delicious!!
askann October 17, 2010
Thanks! Lots of options now.
AntoniaJames October 17, 2010
Mix with cream cheese, creme fraiche and tiny bits of crisp bacon. Serve on crackers. Enjoy. ;o)
LynnSomerstein October 16, 2010
Mayo and horseradish, mixed together- great on broiled tuna!
Serene October 16, 2010
Mixed with mayo, it makes a lovely sandwich spread, and it keeps a long time.
shaska October 16, 2010
make the sauce for sesame peanut noodles. peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil, crushed garlic and horseradish. mix with julienned cucumbers, carrots, shredded chicken and noodles.
Kayb October 16, 2010
Jezebel sauce! Pineapple preserves, horseradish, dry mustard, a touch of kosher salt. Heat over very low heat just until everything combines nicely, then cool and refrigerate. Keeps for a couple of weeks. Great with pork, chicken and soft cheeses.
melissav October 16, 2010
It is great mixed with creme fraiche (or even greek yogurt), chives, salt and pepper and served with roasted meat or steaks or brisket. I also like to mix some in when making crab cakes.
TasteFood October 16, 2010
Add it to mashed potatoes or any pureed root vegetable:
pierino October 16, 2010
Horseradish goes well with oysters or cold, shelled shrimp. Either mignonette or cocktail sauce. Cooked meats, like say beef brisket or corned beef.
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