I made a batch of danish dough and plan to make cheese danish for easter brunch. Other suggestions for the remaining dough?


boulangere April 21, 2011
Danish dough freezes beautifully. Double-wrap in plastic, then thaw overnight in the fridge. Lucky you to have extra!
nutcakes April 21, 2011
I"d so some strawberry-rhubarb at this time of year.
fiveandspice April 21, 2011
Danish dough can be used for all sorts of other pastries. Cinnamon rolls or sticky buns, braided rolls sprinkled with sugar, turnovers filled with preserves or sauteed fruit. You could roll it and cut it into squares and top them with cheeses and vegetables and herbs and bake little savory tart squares.
hardlikearmour April 21, 2011
Is it a yeast dough? My grandma would always make extra dinner roll dough so she could deep fry stretched pieces of it then sprinkle them with sugar for the kids for breakfast. She called it "bucken" (no idea how to spell it so just phonetic.) Probably not what you're looking for, but was my immediate thought when I heard extra dough!
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