Pork shoulder question and vinegar

I have a 15 pound shoulder —- didn’t read recipe correctly and I’m marinating for 48 hours . Recipe indicated 2 table spoons of vinegar and I added about 1/4 cup . Will the pork taste too acidic ? Will it be meat
Be tough? Should I throw out ?



aargersi November 19, 2021
1/4 cup up against 15 lbs should be fine I’d think. Does the recipe call for 15 lbs or did you increase the weight? When I make cochinita pibil I typically get ~5 lbs of pork and I use a lot more vinegar, like a half cup, though I don’t mariquite so long. May we see the recipe?
aargersi November 19, 2021
Happygoin November 18, 2021
It’s hard to say. 15 pounds is a lot of meat!

If it hasn’t been in the marinade for long, you could take it out, rinse it off, pat it dry and start again if you have enough of the other marinade ingredients.

If not, you might add a little sugar (brown sugar?) which is a common brine/marinade ingredient to counteract the acid.
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