Can this be frozen after it’s cooked?

Making soup now. Can it be cooled, frozen and reheated? I can add kale when I reheat if necessary. Thanks for a prompt reply.

  • Posted by: Leslie
  • November 20, 2021
Mushroom Quinoa Soup
Recipe question for: Mushroom Quinoa Soup


Leslie November 21, 2021
Thank you all for your answers! I already froze it! Happy Holidays to all!
Kelly V. November 21, 2021
Hi Leslie,

Yes, you can freeze and this soup! I have made a very similar Chicken Quinoa Soup before and it always works. As a rule of thumb, the only soups that shouldn't be frozen are ones that contain milk or cream.

Happy Holidays!
Eli J. November 21, 2021
Hi. Yes, this should be fine as long as the vegetables in the soup are cooked/roasted. Enjoy.
Laura D. November 20, 2021
Hi Leslie! Yes, it can absolutely be frozen and then reheated. I have done that myself. Enjoy the soup!
702551 November 20, 2021
It should be fine.

I'd try it out myself before deciding whether or not the defrosted version is good enough to serve to dinner guests.

Best of luck.
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