I dont have a dutch oven. Help! What can I do?

Do I have to use a dutch oven to bake these wonderful rolls?

  • Posted by: Eyobed
  • December 10, 2021


Smaug January 2, 2022
You could use one of the suggestions below, but there's really nothing distinctive about the dough other than the high hydration; the recipe is all about the method. I would suggest using another recipe, there are thousands available. Heavy crust on dinner rolls is kind of unusual.
Gammy December 11, 2021
Think traditional square or round Corningware casseroles, or even their French White line of casseroles.
[email protected] December 11, 2021
If you happen to have a crock pot, that makes an ideal vessel for baking crisp, crusty bread. You just need the crock, lid and an oven. Preheat the crock and lid before adding the dough (be careful, use mitts).

…If the lid has a plastic knob, you may need to wrap it in aluminum foil to protect from the oven’s heats.
AntoniaJames December 10, 2021
If you have a large enough metal mixing bowl (one that is all metal, with no other materials on it) another time honored trick would be to use a round baking dish - one suitable to take that high heat - and to bake the rolls in that, covered with the bowl for whatever period the recipe calls for cooking the bread covered. I'd spritz the top of the dough lightly with water just before popping the cover on, to boost the moisture under the dome. ;o)
drbabs December 10, 2021
Using the Dutch oven creates the hot moist environment that the rolls need to rise quickly and form the crusty surface. If you have a covered round baking pan you could use that. Otherwise, you might be better off using another recipe. Alexandra Stafford has really great recipes for bread that are easy and quick. Maybe try these dinner rolls that are baked in a muffin pan. https://alexandracooks.com/2013/11/26/thyme-dinner-rolls/ You can leave out the thyme if you like.
702551 December 10, 2021
I would try baking them with a tray of hot water at the bottom of the oven (to provide steam). This is a common practice when baking baguettes in a residential oven.

Commercial bread ovens have steam injectors for this function. Steam injection encourages a crispy crust on the baguettes.
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