Planning to Make This! How to Pick Chiles?

Is there anything in specific I should look for when picking the dry chiles? I am so excited to make this!! thank you :)



702551 January 14, 2022
For sure buy dried chiles from a store that sells a LOT of them. Fast turnover of inventory will result in fresher product; also a store clientele that buys lots of dried peppers will be an endorsement that the peppers are high quality.

For me, this means buying dried chiles at the Mexican grocery store down the street.
aargersi January 14, 2022
Yes! Dried chilis are fresher (seems counter intuitive) when they still have a bit of a flexible / leathery texture. If they’re so dry they just crumble then they’re much older and likely not as flavorful. If you’re not in an area where the grocery store has them out in open bins then I’d look for good sealed packaging and feel them through it.
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