Do you drain the beans? Stupid sites I’d

This recipe does not suggest using the liquid from the canned beans or tell you to rinse and drain the canned beans. It matters. It is useless to keep telling me to add more details to such a clear issue. This site may be useless if the recipes are unclear and your site want you to add meaningless details. Do you drain the canned beans or not.

Nana Dev


Brinda A. January 18, 2022
Thanks, all—I'll add that the recipes our editorial team does test and edit are marked "Test Kitchen-Approved" and typically have a photo shot by one of our staff photographers. You can find such recipes here:
Gammy January 17, 2022
Totally agree with 702551 on what makes THIS website unique.... it is a group of people who love to cook, and it is recipes THEY have found to be wonderful or unique. If you what a throughly tested recipe, check out all the America's Test Kitchen websites. If a recipe doesn't state to drain or not, do whatever you want. Reading over this recipe, Step #2 clearly states, "Add beans & cook 2 or 3 minutes, then add tomatoes & the juices." I read this as adding both the tomato AND the bean juices. Personally, if I am using canned beans in a salad, I will rinse and drain; for a chili or casserole, for ME those juices simply add a bit more flavor and help to thicken. I have a friend who insists all the gas from beans is in the juice... she always rinses. Whatever floats your boat!
702551 January 17, 2022
Like anything on the Internet, the content quality is based on the person who created it. Food52 -- like most food community sites -- does not employ staff to proofread and correct user-contributed content such as this recipe.

If you are seeking better quality content, choose whom you read very carefully whether it be online or offline. It's worth pointing out that deadtrees cookbooks are typically better researched, tested, proofread, and edited than random Internet recipes offered up some essential anonymous Internet denizen.

Anyhow I'd strain and rinse the canned beans.

Best of luck.
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