Candymaking no-no: made a brittle on a humid day - now it's sticky. Any thoughts on how to "de-stickify" it?



Savorykitchen September 30, 2010
Thanks everyone for the ideas.

Mrs L - my freezer is too full and these are full sheet pans of brittle anyway (WAY too big for my freezer).

Debbie I think I'll try the powdered sugar on a small section and see how it works.

Donny - This would normally work, but it's bacon brittle - no peanuts - just crisp porkiness. I didn't know you could bake brittle either, I do mine on the stovetop. Do you have a recipe for that type of brittle?
anyone September 30, 2010
Take some peanuts and put them in your food processor with some powdered sugar and a pinch of cocoa powder. Run processor until you have a fine powder. It should be a nice color, other than stark white. Put it in a sealable container add pieces and shake like shake and bake until coated and not sticky.

Another trick: heat oven to temp the you baked brittle and put brittle back in the oven just long enough to heat up. Remove and cool. If still humid I don't think this will help. But if chewy an dstill humid do this and then dredge in the sugar and peanut mixture.
DebbieF September 30, 2010
Dust it with powdered sugar.. This works great!!!
mrslarkin September 30, 2010
I wonder what would happen if you put it in the freezer?? It's basically a giant dehumidifier.
Savorykitchen September 30, 2010
Thanks Christina - that's my thought too - I'm setting up my dehumidifier in a small bathroom - fingers crossed!
Christina W. September 30, 2010
My house does NOT have air conditioning, so I feel your pain. To save the brittle, you may want to try this... Do you have a de-humidifier? If you do, set it up in a small room or bathroom and place your brittle in the same room. It should take a few hours for the de-humidifier to suck the moisture out of the air.
Savorykitchen September 30, 2010
Oh, and *please* don't tell me to never make brittle on a humid day - I'm in a fragile stage. :-) I know better, but I did it anyway.
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