Big batch of pizza sauce how much?

Hi, I’m creating 8 quarts of pizza sauce for a large event what should be my olive oil measurement?



AntoniaJames March 29, 2022
For something like a pizza, where there will be melted cheese on top (pure fat), I'd be inclined not to add much fat to the sauce - a tablespoon or two of butter at most per quart, for flavor as much as anything else. I'd use a generous hand with the olive oil in and on the crust, however. ;o)
Nancy March 28, 2022
I remember one recipe that used about 1/4 cup per quart of 2 cups oil total for making 8 qt.
Probably maximun one quart jar would do you for all, including either brushing the pizza dough lightly with oil before loading with toppings or as a garnish for the pies after baking.
I wouldn't want it too oily, but there is a range of tastes with more or less.
Authentic? Maybe check Neopolitan recipes.
Dancorson March 28, 2022
Hi thank you Nancy for your response I’ll definitely look into this.
Nancy March 29, 2022
Neopolitan pizza - FYI two sources, for more ideas.
drbabs March 28, 2022
It depends on the recipe. This one calls for no olive oil. Neither does the sauce part of this recipe.
Dancorson March 28, 2022
Thank you for the reply, would say three cups or 2 cups would be perfect for a large 8 quart sauce I would like the oil to keep it moist and close to authentic as possible.
drbabs March 28, 2022
All the recipes vary, but I like to check out Serious Eats to see if they have tested different recipes and come up with one that works. This is J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's description of making pizza sauce: It makes a little less than a quart, so you’d have to multiply everything by 8 or 9 to get to about 8 quarts. So if you follow this recipe, you’ll need a little more than 1/2 cup of olive oil, and a little more than a half cup of butter.
Dancorson March 28, 2022
Thank you once again drbabs I’ll check this lead as well!
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