What could I use instead of fennel?

I'm super allergic to fennel & can't think of an easy substitution. Is there anything you might suggest? Or something that might be good in its place? (Not dill, I'm allergic to that, too. 🤷🏽‍♀️) I'm always looking for interesting new versions of egg salad, and this is intriguing.

Patricia Smith
Grated Egg Salad
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Gammy April 1, 2022
How about some curry powder? I add curry to my chicken salad, along with mayo and mustard... think curry would definitely work for egg salad, too. Please let us know what you tried and what worked for your taste!
drbabs April 1, 2022
There is so much going on in this recipe….I think you could just leave out the fennel and be fine.
Nancy April 1, 2022
Good point!
AntoniaJames March 31, 2022
If it were me, I'd not substitute any seed for the fennel, but would instead add two tablespoons of chopped dill to the grated egg salad at the end - and use parsley and not cilantro. ;o)
Patricia S. March 31, 2022
I'm also very allergic to dill (mentioned above). Trying to keep this EpiPen out of commission!
AntoniaJames April 1, 2022
Oops. Sorry I overlooked that. You say you're interested in variations on egg salad. I put dukkah on mine https://food52.com/recipes/12681-bacon-and-egg-salad-sandwich-with-dukkah-and-peppery-greens which adds some unexpected flavors plus a bit of crunch. ;o)
Nancy March 31, 2022
For alternative to fennel spice:
▪︎ Similar taste (if not also allergic to it) - anise seed
▪︎ aromatic but different - cardamom, caraway, or galangal (a root, also from the ginger family)
Nancy April 1, 2022
Found 2 more ideas in my food replacement bible. Usefulness depending of course not being allergic to these & liking them:
* cumin seeds (note: more earthy taste)
* yellow mustard seeds or powder (a bit spicier).
Good luck with this dish & please tell us what you eventually decided to use.
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