I don't like Vermouth in my martinis--just gin.

Will it work with good gin and just the feta brine plus olives?? While demonstrating making the Quinoa patties, you said "goat cheese". Are goat and feta interchaneable in this fritter.

Maureen Jones
Feta-Brine Martini
Recipe question for: Feta-Brine Martini


Emma L. May 4, 2022
Hi Maureen! If you don't like vermouth, skipping it should be fine—let me know if you try it. I haven't tried feta in the quinoa fritters (or goat cheese in the bulgur fritters), but I imagine they would swap well.
702551 May 3, 2022
Some would argue that a martini without vermouth isn't a martini. Those people might argue that vermouth without gin (or vodka) equally isn't a martini.

Nomenclature aside, just make it the way you like it. It's your bar, your taste buds.

If you like vermouth-less "martinis" made with other condiments, it is likely you won't miss the vermouth in this one. And if you want to call it a martini, that's fine. Pleasing you and your guests is the most important thing anyhow.
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