I am making the mend rich coconut macaroons and the batter seems too loose. cookies coming out flat instead of round

I think the recipe has too much butter



Nancy May 20, 2022
Would you please provide recipe link (or full name) so people here can respond to the problem you reported.
Foodworm May 20, 2022
Nancy May 20, 2022
Foodworm - thanks for the link.
Had a look at the recipe and comments - most people who made it loved it, passed it on to their families, etc.
But there was a significant minority that found it "meh" or had trouble making them. Most often, they needed to bake them longer than the recipe specified.
Last note - this recipe uses both condensed milk and butter, which is a different (wetter) style than traditional coconut macaroon recipe using egg whites, sugar, coconut. So that may be a part of the problem.
Now, you have choices.
Make this recipe again as written, but bake longer.
Make this recipe but tinker with the amounts of condensed milk and butter - reduce maybe 10 or 20% and see of that, along with longer bake time, helps.
If you like the idea of the condensed milk variety, try another recipe in that style and see if you get better results.
If you like the traditional egg-white type, or haven't tried it, go for one batch of that. Dorie Greenspan and/or Alice Medrich recipe (both top notch bakers and cookbook writers).
Good luck and, if you need taste testers, call on me.
But seriously, enjoy your baking :)
Foodworm May 20, 2022
I reduced the butter by half and that worked. I made them a couple of years ago when the video was available and they were perfect. I thought it was Erin McDowell recipe.
Nancy May 20, 2022
Good to hear, glad they worked out.
AntoniaJames May 23, 2022
Thanks for reporting back, Foodworm. I've made these twice. The first time I thought they were great. The second time, I had the same problem you did. I was a bit surprised, but then realized that I had used unsweetened coconut, and let the dough rest for overnight when I made the first batch. I only had sweetened coconut the second time (a mistake in an online order). It did not hydrate as much, which I think contributed to the disappointing outcome. I also found the second batch too sweet, for the record. I like the idea of using only half the butter, which I'll do, using unsweetened coconut, next time. I'm confident that will improve the macaroons. Although they are altogether delicious, I did find them a bit too rich. ;o)
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