Peach name varieties......Trying to find the name of a specific type peach,

My deceased grandmother used to refer to an amazing peach called a "Pacorg" or at least that's the closest spelling our family can gather from hearing her say it. My searches have come up more confused as I was before- LOL wondering if anyone can help. Thank you.



creamtea June 7, 2022
could it be a conjunction of Pacific Organic, a company that supplies stone and other fruits and vegetables?
702551 June 3, 2022
I don't have an answer for you but I do have a suggestion for a different approach.

First of all, you don't mention one critical piece of information: where she lived. Plant cultivars are specific to a region and when I say plant I mean that this is not restricted to peaches.

Secondly, you don't mention whether or not you live near where your grandmother lived. Why is this important? If you live in the same area, there are probably some experts in your region whom you should be consulting rather than the general Internet in a site like Food52.

Note that there's a high possibility that "Pacorg" isn't an officially recognized cultivar name but could be a local moniker.

Let's assume that you live near where your grandmother lived.

The first thing I would do is go to the oldest nursery/garden center and find the person with the most experience with stone fruit trees and ask them.

If that panned out, I would then the next few nurseries.

If I continued to strike out, I would then reach out to a professor at a university extension program from a local school that specializes in agriculture.

My guess is that someone knows what this peach cultivar is.

Best of luck.
Chrissy June 3, 2022
We are NY's always have been and from the way the question my mother asked me regarding me having ever heard my grandmother (her mother) refer to "pacorg" I was the one by grams side when she cooked when I was a was likely over 4 decades ago my Mom and older brother ever heard her utter that name. Your advice is smart and I will look into that. I was merely trying to post the question in the hopes that my spelling (based upon trying to recall her voice saying it) would provoke someone to correct me and say "could it be baqorque" lol- You get the idea. But thank you so much for the suggestions. It hasn't gone on deaf ears.
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