Evoo at start of Swordfish margarita marinade

Is the evoo for the grill or the marinade?



Sagegreen July 18, 2022
So sorry for the confusion (and my not so great recipe writing skill). I just updated the recipe. Drbabs gave a great answer btw.
drbabs July 16, 2022
It is a little confusing, but since it’s mixed in with the other liquids for the marinade, I’d put it into the marinade.
Rivergull July 16, 2022
Ok, thanks. Silly question on my part, but wanted to be sure the evoo was one of “the liquids” to be mixed together for the marinade, as the recipe also specifies oil for the grill.
702551 July 16, 2022
A well written recipe will have the ingredients listed in the order of use. The olive oil starts a group of liquids so the logical assumption is that it is one of those liquids listed in the instructions.

This assumes that the recipe is well written which is not a given on the Internet.


However there are bajillions of recipes that use oil as part of a marinade. It's very commonplace so it's easy to just to this conclusion.

Best of luck.

P.S., use an ordinary, less expensive oil for lubricating your grill grates.
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