Is the description for this recipe correct? The description includes habaneros and orange juice but the recipe does not. Same as in the book.

I was about to make this recipe, and I will anyways because it's pretty simple. However, I noticed in Mi Cocina that the recipe does not match the description and then, after checking online, the article here says the same thing. Should I use habanero or serrano, and lime juice or orange juice?



Nancy July 22, 2022
Correct? Who knows?
If you want to make this recipe with the mentioned ingredients, use Chilies and citrus juice you like or what you have on hand.
Start small, taste and add more if you want.
Or use a similar recipe with better editing that aligns description, ingredients & method.
Two reliable sources - food network has a papaya tomatillo salsa; Rick Bayless has 4 or 5 recipes, but no papaya variation.
QueMasTomas July 22, 2022
Never mind! I watched the taco capeado recipe where he makes the salsa using serranos and limes. Case closed!
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