Could I use kale instead of (ew) iceberg?

I’d love to try this but with a lettuce that has more nutrition than water, eg kale. Anyone do this?

Nancy's Chopped Salad
Recipe question for: Nancy's Chopped Salad


Gammy August 2, 2022
I'm with you Tenmiler! Iceberg lettuce has such little nutrition or flavor. Maybe sub in romaine or any other lettuce, even some of your kale would make a great salad.
702551 August 2, 2022
This dish is a salad and thus is pretty flexible. You should be able to substitute in pretty much any leafy green for the iceberg lettuce: other lettuces, radicchio, cabbage, spinach, kale, etc.
Nancy August 2, 2022
I've used most of the greens that 702551 mentions and had great results with them.
A few more: more bitter greens, like arugula and watercress.

Also, adapted from a Spring Salad by Chef Frank Stitt of Alabama:

I often use great handfuls of soft leafy herbs instead of nutrition, as original poster wants, but also different tastes and textures compared to regular lettuces.
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