Do you cook the potatoes in the oven --> boil --> oven again?

Hi! I'm confused. Do you roast the potatoes at 350 in foil, then unwrap them, slice and boil, and then roast them again? I feel like that would overcook the potatoes, no?



Nancy August 3, 2022
Agree with 792551.
Maybe look for a similar recipe from a trusted site/author or one that’s been made and like by home cooks.
For example, Bon Appetit has two Cacio e pepe recipes for potatoes, one regular and one rosti format.
Nancy August 3, 2022
702551 August 3, 2022
It looks like another sloppily written recipe.

My guess is that "Tightly wrap the potatoes" should be "Tightly wrap the garlic bulb" in step 1.

Moreover step 2 begins with you washing the potatoes which one wouldn't do after they had been baked.

At some point a Food52 staffer will probably fix it. Anyhow, enjoy the recipe regardless of its current state.
702551 August 3, 2022
Re-reading this recipe, now I'm not certain for anything apart from the fact that this recipe is a mess as written.

When I roast garlic, I don't wrap in foil, I just put them in the oven uncovered (sprinkled with salt and drizzled with olive oil).

If you were to roast the potatoes, you'd wash them *first*, not after they had been baked.

Wait until there's some clarification from the Food52 staff.
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