What fruits are recommended to add?

The recipe mentioned fresh or dried fruit - what do you recommend using?



Anarchy C. October 17, 2022
In the picture, I used diced pear and I've also tried it with dried plum (they were yellow-brownish) and pomegranate would be a classic! I can also see with it many other fruits like raisins, berries etc. Here in the blog post I have added more detail and you can find more variations:
SilverInBlood October 17, 2022
Thank you! I was struggling to envision which fruit would pair with something hummus-like, which I've always treated as a savory affair. This helps
Nancy October 16, 2022
Agree with 702551...and here are a few more suggestions:
* pomegranate arils (seeds) - a fruit from Middle East;
* olives (also a fruit, from Mediterranean and often served with hummus);
* lemons, not dried, but again, common to the area and often served with mezze and salads. Options include wedges, very thin slices and preserved lemons ( pickled rind).
702551 October 15, 2022
A cook's most important responsibility it to please the people who will be sitting at the table.

Pick dried fruits that you think will please your diners. This dish is very flexible and can accommodate a wide variety of dried fruits. You can stick with fruits that are indigenous to the Middle East, like grapes, dates, figs, etc. or use something that comes from somewhere else, like dried cranberries.

Tomatoes are a New World crop and aren't indigenous to the Middle East either. That doesn't stop them from being included in some very popular dishes in places far from its origins in Mexico/Central America.
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