Link for pretzels not working, please help

This is for my husbands birthday, was planning to make these pretzels that I have made several times before. Unfortunately it has been a while and I always relied on this link to get to the recipe, Now the link does not access the recipe, please, please help!

  • Posted by: ElisaH
  • November 14, 2022


702551 November 16, 2022
First of all, assume that anything on the Internet can eventually disappear without warning SO ARCHIVE YOUR FAVORITE CONTENT YOURSELF. This is not specific to Food52, food sites, or any DIY websites in general. It pertains to anything and everything. This is nothing new, content has been disappearing from the Internet from its inception.

Luckily, the Internet Wayback Machine has archived copies of this missing pretzel recipe. Here is one snapshot from November 2020:

Make a copy RIGHT NOW. Fewer people these days are willing to play human search engine.

The Wayback Machine works pretty reliably when the searcher has the full URL like this case.

As for why the recipe disappeared from Food52 or why a Food52 staffer hasn't resolved the issue, I have no clue but it would seem likely that this will happen again soon enough.

Anyhow best of luck.
Nancy November 16, 2022
Thanks for your help on this question.
Nancy November 14, 2022
If/as the previous link doesn’t work, maybe provide some description of the recipe type and key ingredients to make searching possible.
ElisaH November 14, 2022
Was a no fail recipe for pretzels and this is the only one he’s crazy about. How does a link just disappear ..
Nancy November 14, 2022
Don’t know.
A couple suggestions.
1) Write to someone in the editorial staff (see names titles emails at bottom of home page). They may see or respond to you faster from that approach than from here.
2) Do web search for similar recipe - no fail or easy recipe - pretzel.
ElisaH November 14, 2022
Thank you, however, I cannot locate contact info for the editorial staff. Did not find it on the homepage. Have tried other recipes to no avail.
Nancy November 14, 2022
Elisa -
Here's a list of staff & their roles. Emails gone since I last needed that info. But there are twitter links, if you can/decide to use that.
ElisaH November 14, 2022
I’m sorry, I am not on twitter, is there another mode of communication, please?
Nancy November 15, 2022
Elisa - I'm out of ideas. Maybe someone here will think of a way to locate your old no-fail pretzel recipe. Good luck!
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