Turkey- how long will it stay hot after being removed from the oven?

How long will a turkey stay hot after being removed from the oven?

Jennifer Lee


MMH December 3, 2022
This is all a great suggestion plus store your leftovers in broth.
Emily Z. November 24, 2022
Your turkey will stay "hot" for about 40 minutes (size depending); the best time to carve is about 20-30 minutes after oven removal! Heat can be maintained with a covering of foil.
aargersi November 24, 2022
Pretty much everyone agrees that the turkey needs to rest a MINIMUM of 20 minutes, and some folks rest up to an hour. It won’t be piping hot - but you don’t want it to be! That would = juices flowing out. Serve with hot everything else and pro tip - warm your plates too!
Jennifer L. November 24, 2022
Thank you so much!
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