Any suggestions for how to replace banana leaves in a recipe? This is a Mexican style dish that calls for the meat (lamb shank) to be rubbed in a spice paste, then wrapped in banana leaves and foil and then baked. I now live in Germany, and don't have access to banana leaves...!



mrslarkin October 1, 2010
What about fig leaves? I've seen a few savory recipes using fig leaves as a wrap.
pierino September 30, 2010
You probably don't have corn husks either, but parchment would probably work.
Savorykitchen September 30, 2010
You might try a florist and see if you can get "ti leaves" - you can use them the same as banana leaves (they are a little smaller, so you might need more).

If you can't find anything big enough to wrap in make a layer of grape leaves (fresh or well-rinsed canne dones), wrap in them and then in foil per the recipe.
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