Looking for a Sara moulton vinaigrette

Years ago I made a Niçoise salad from a recipe from Sara moulton. The vinaigrette is fabulous. I saw the episode on food network. I printed out the recipe but unfortunately it is now in storage and I can’t find that recipe anywhere else. Awhile ago I placed an inquiry her. Hallelujah a lovely woman provided the elusive recipe for the vinaigrette for the Niçoise salad. Unfortunately I wrote it down but cannot find it. I’ve searched my emails but can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone help me find that recipe again?? Lovely woman do you still have that recipe?

  • Posted by: Melanie
  • January 21, 2023


702551 January 22, 2023
I know using Internet search engines fell out of fashion about five years ago but I assure you that they actually still work for such research.

Using the search parameters "sara moulton nicoise salad site:food52.com" I found your previous thread in less than seconds:


It was the top hit in this particular query.

Anyhow, I suggest you print out a copy, generate a PDF, and upload that PDF to a cloud storage service (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, whatever).

And I suggest you then cut and paste the vinaigrette recipe into a draft e-mail and send it to yourself. You should also bookmark the F52 Hotline discussion for future reference.

Best of luck.
Melanie January 22, 2023
Thank you so much but none of these replies is the one I’m looking for. The vinaigrette doesn’t seem right. I think Sara’s has lemon juice in it. Can you find a fourth reply. I am not technologically savvy so I don’t know how to do these searches. Thanks very much
Melanie January 22, 2023
Do you happen to know of a site that has the indexes of Sara’s cookbooks?? If I could find the right one I would just buy the cookbook. TA
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