Can I make it without a dough hook? hook

Will a small hand mixer suffice?

  • Posted by: Bwolfe
  • March 13, 2023
Salted Butter Brioche
Recipe question for: Salted Butter Brioche


HalfPint March 15, 2023
The hand mixer might now have enough power for the kneading that brioche requires. You could burnout the motor. Not to mention, that the dough can become entangled in the beaters causing the hand mixer to stall and over heat.

You could try a no knead brioche recipe or use a Danish dough whisk.
Nancy March 15, 2023
Agree about not using the hand mixer.
For what it’s worth, I (and I suspect generations of French women) have made this successfully by hand.
If you know bread and gave patience, it’s really very easy.
Nancy March 15, 2023
Should read “and have patience”
Nancy March 16, 2023
On second thought, probably more French professional bakers than women home cooks made this for generations.
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