Where is the video link mentioned in verbiage?

"... If you’ve never made sausage from scratch before, it’s one of those processes that’s a lot easier after you see it. I’ve got you covered—just watch the video below first. ..."

  • Posted by: karin
  • April 23, 2023


cookingqueen300 May 2, 2023
I also think it is hilarious Food52 decided to put a small video that comprises 1/20 of the screen. A lot of cooks are visual learners as well. They should edit it so it fills the article page like Food Networks
dickensthedog May 24, 2023
Click on the double diagonal arrows on the bottom of the video, and it will expand to fill the entire screen.
cookingqueen300 May 2, 2023
The video is on the bottom right hand side. It's 20 mins long I think. Unless they decided to put a unreleated video there.
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