A question about a recipe: Lamb Burgers with Cilantro Yogurt

I want to make this for a BBQ on Sunday. Any ideas about what might be a good, simple veggie side? Thanks! Being able to grill the veg would be ideal...

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Sam1148 May 4, 2011
I like the asparagus. An additional option for another color on the plate would be grilled radicchio. Just cut into quarters, season with some vinegar and oil and grill.

I wonder if feta cheese crumbles would pare well with the radichhio? Both are strong flavors.
Peter May 4, 2011
Hardlikearmour makes an excellent point about the asparagus -- it's good hot or room temp. If you have limited grill space, you can always cook it first and then set it aside while you grill the lamb burgers.
hardlikearmour May 4, 2011
Wow....talk about great minds think alike!
jwolfsthal May 4, 2011
i love to grill zucchini. Just cut longwise or in rings, about 1/2"-1" thick and brush with olive oil, salt and pepper. simple and awesomely delicious. Does well with lamb.
hardlikearmour May 4, 2011
How about grilled asparagus? It's springy & good hot or at room temp.
Kristen M. May 4, 2011
Grilled asparagus, just tossed in a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper first. Or, if you want a conversation piece (that's still super easy), try this: http://www.food52.com/recipes/4531_fully_grilled_caesar_salad
Peter May 4, 2011
Not to belabor the obvious, but what about asparagus?

It's the height of the season (here on the East coast at least), it couldn't be easier to grill, and it's really its best when grilled -- the combo of caramelization and smokiness is not to be beat.
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