Out of all the edible papers - which ones taste the best?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


lorigoldsby May 10, 2011
I wondered the same thing--if they meant what to use for cooking "en papillote" but that's not edible, usually it is parchment paper. although there are recipes for "rice paper"
susan G. May 10, 2011
Did you mean PAPER or PEPPER?
Sam1148 May 10, 2011
The Cubanelle, to me, has the best taste. Not hot, but a bit of back note of heat, and a crisp flavor that's mild and goes well with to day cooking. So, it's not challenging to eat. It's closer to bell peppers.
But, still has some heat..and for me it's very flavorful and doesn't upset my stomach like raw bell peppers do sometimes, I prefer it in most applications that call for bell peppers. (Pizza, sauces, sandwiches, salads, etc).

Most hot peppers are used for their heat quality. This varies in some applications where they are roasted, smoked or dried and made in sauces, or used in chilies other dishes.
Some like the Poblano (called Ancho) when dried have a raisin like flavor for sauces.

It's a difficult question to answer as it really depends your tastes and how much heat you like, and what recipes call for the peppers.

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