can I eat broccoli that's going yellow? Any health reasons not to?

  • Posted by: @lou31
  • May 13, 2011


Sam1148 May 13, 2011
Funny you should mention that. I'm making creme of Broccoli soup right now with some broccoli that's just starting to turn yellow.
Yes you can eat it..but it might be better in soup, of course your soup won't be as bright green...peel the stems, chop them up and use those too.
Shelliesanchez April 9, 2020
How did it taste..? I was just about to throw mine away when I googled what to do with yellow broccoli and your post came up. I immediately chopped and steamed the broccoli instead, Andy the plan is to make cream of broccoli soup! Thanks for the suggestion! Still not sure how it will taste...
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