Trying to go gluten free in Paris but I can't find xanthan gum or sorghum flour anywere. All my recipes call for these ingredients.I've tried several organic health food stores and no such luck. Any suggestions?



mtrelaun October 3, 2010
Try shopping online at They're based in Lyon, and it looks like they sell farine de sorgho: Gomme de xanthane is even more of a specialty item, and you may have better luck searching shops that cater to pastry chefs.
drbabs October 2, 2010
Savorykitchen, I'm so glad you found the link on david lebovitz's blog--I was looking for it, too!
Savorykitchen October 2, 2010
David Lebovitz has a number of ides for you: as he's a pastry chef and an amazing cook, I'd take his recommendations to heart. :-)

And lucky you - Paris ...
drbabs October 2, 2010
Bob's Red Mill sells both...I think you can order it on line.
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