What is/where do you buy, fennel pollen?

Strawberry-Fennel Ice Cream
Recipe question for: Strawberry-Fennel Ice Cream


mtrelaun May 18, 2011
If you're still looking for fennel pollen, we have it in the Shop: http://bit.ly/lvLEJk
cookease May 17, 2011
Thanks so much...appreciate the update...b
SKK May 17, 2011
I am wrong there is a replacement in this recipe - just read it Amanda and Merrill said
"If you can't get fennel pollen, don't sweat it -- just add ground anise seed or fennel seed in the same proportion. - A&M"
SKK May 17, 2011
Don't think there is a substitute for fennel pollen. It is unique "taking the fennel seed, sweetening it and then intensifying it a hundred times" to quote the spicehouse website.
It goes a long way. Saveur magazine says you can use it on chicken and sea food, and pierino says he uses it on pork. It is a spice worth having around.
Kari J. May 17, 2011
The best fennel pollen, for the money, that i've found was at a small spice store in Westfield, NJ. Luckily, they have a webstore!

pierino May 17, 2011
Zingerman's also sells it on-line but I also buy it at Surfas in Culver City. I use it mainly with pork, it never would have occurred to me to use in a dessert.
cookease May 17, 2011
thanks for the info...Considering I have never used it...and only see the one recipe which calls for it, is there a substitute?????/
francesca G. May 17, 2011
In the past, we've bought it at Kalustyan's and you should be able to order it online here: http://www.kalustyans.com/.
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