how long will puffed rice stay crispy when mixed into ganache?



boulangere May 17, 2011
Just for curiosity's sake, what are you making?
betteirene May 17, 2011
Like Rice Krispies, or the product that's actually called "puffed rice," those styrofoam-ish pillows made by Quaker or Malt-O-Meal? I'm not sure about the puffed rice, but I do know that Rice Krispies will stay crisp in my buckeyes (peanut butter, butter and powdered sugar and Rice Krispies, rolled into balls and dipped in melted chocolate) for about a week--that's about how long a batch lasts around here.
francesca G. May 17, 2011
I find puffed rice does not stay puffed all that long, that is to say the outer coating is actually more delicate than it appears. I'm not sure I can give you an exact time on this, but I wouldn't rely on the texture remaining crispy for much longer than a day...
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