Ideal number of eggs in a hearty frittata?

I've got a 120-inch pan, about 2 cups of added veggies and cheeses. I want it to be a respectable depth so that a slice is a good main course portion.



ChefJune May 21, 2011
I would use 13 eggs for that frittata. sounds like fun!
seabirdskitchen May 20, 2011
I usually use 2 eggs/person for frittate. So 16 sounds about right. But it does depend on other ingredients
cheese1227 May 20, 2011
Sorry about that typo! Yes, 12-inch. I need to feed 8 people.
healthierkitchen May 20, 2011
How many people do you want to serve?
ChefJune May 20, 2011
I think it depends upon what else is in your frittata. If you are including pasta or potatoes, maybe only 9 eggs.

I was wondering about that "120 inch" pan! ;)
pierino May 20, 2011
Two dozen if you want the heart attack fritatta.
sdebrango May 20, 2011
I agree, I assumed she meant 12 inch. Do you agree a dozen eggs for a sizeable fritata?
Author Comment
amysarah took the words right out of my mouth ! that is one big fritatta
amysarah May 20, 2011
You mean a 12 inch pan, right? Cause 120 inches is 10 feet which case you'd be attempting the world's biggest frittata ;-) (Sounds like a show on the Food Network.)
sdebrango May 20, 2011
With a pan that size and the amount of veggies and cheese I think you would need a dozen eggs.
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