What is the simplest (yet tasty) recipe for making scones for the first time?



sdebrango May 23, 2011
I made these scones ffom Mrs Larkin and they are quite possibly the best I've ever had and they were easy to make here is the link Royal Wedding Scones:
I'm sure there are other recipes that are wonderful I have made these and can say from experience how wonderful they are.
SKK May 23, 2011
I don't consider myself a baker, and I am fond of savory not sweet. So this recipe for scones has always come through for me. http://www.food52.com/recipes/1224_ham_cheddar_and_chive_scones
nutcakes May 23, 2011
There are buttermilk scones and the more decadent cream scones. I'm going to send you a tried & true well tested one from a friend on a discussion board I frequent.
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