. How is this different from the Farro Salad with Roasted Mushrooms and Parmesan posted by Merrill? Are either of these suitable for making in ad...

...vance for a picnic

  • Posted by: uws80
  • May 29, 2011


petite C. May 31, 2011
Pecorino is a lot saltier than Parmesan, so the flavor would be a bit different (and you would need to taste the one with Pecorino more carefully before adding salt). You can shave either type of cheese (Pecorino Romano is usually sold crumbled/grated). And I agree, either one would be fine for a picnic!
lorigoldsby May 29, 2011
It looks like the difference is the type of cheese and the prep of the cheese, one is crumbled for a rougher texture, the other is shaved. Both should work well for a picnic. Enjoy!
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