Can I keep cut-up raw butternut squash in the fridge, and if so, for how long?



lizmom November 13, 2012
I bought fresh butternut squash to make baby food. How long can I keep it uncooked in refrigerator????
caninechef July 27, 2017
If it is cut up, see discussion above. Whole butternut squash is nor normally refrigerated, but it also is traditionally a cool weather crop and stores well. I don't know if refrigeration would help or hurt storage this time of year. For general info here is a pretty good page:
you will also get lots of hits if you Google storing butternut squash.
Amanda H. October 4, 2010
Sweet potatoes brown after cutting, so I wouldn't store them this way.
lastnightsdinner October 4, 2010
One of the farms at our wintertime farmers' market sells, in addition to whole squash, bags of peeled and seeded butternut squash segments. I bought some last year on a few occasions, and it kept well for several days in the fridge in its plastic wrapping.
KitchenKim October 4, 2010
Does the same hold true for cut-up peeled sweet-potatoes?
Trevor July 26, 2017
Any potato, russets, yams will keep in the fridge without turning brown if you have the pieces submerged under water.
Amanda H. October 4, 2010
Yes. Cover it -- put it in a container, ideally -- and you can keep it for at least 4 days.
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