Y'all were so great with my red sauce and quinoa questions, how about your favorite Truffle oil recipes. Mine are a bit mundane.



anyone October 6, 2010
JoanG, sounds very good. Thanks for sharing!
JoanG October 6, 2010
I just had truffled deviled eggs at a favorite restaurant. It was mixed in and/or dirzzled over the deviled eggs, just enought to give them a wonderful flavor.
They were perched on top of a green salad with a bacon vainagreet. It was a winning combination.
anyone October 6, 2010
Yes, they are different than european truffle (which I have had many) but they are great in my opinion and they use dogs I've seen it first hand. They find them under a variety of trees not just pine and fir. And I was just reporting what I heard not claiming in any way to be an expert. The truffle oils that I have seen do not contain any truffle but list a truffle flavor. So unless you have tried an Oregon truffle you shouldn't knock em. They are pretty cool!
pierino October 6, 2010
Actually, Italian truffle oil does contain a tiny bit of truffle (black or white), and I have a small bottle in front of me. The problem isn't botulism as much as it goes rancid faster than unadulterated olive oils, so buy it in small amounts and use it to finish pastas (say, maybe one that includes mushrooms) or a risotto also. Donny, my pal, I'm going to politely disagree with you on Oregon truffles. They're raised under pine and fir trees and basically they use a back hoe to harvest them. They lack the character of the truffles of Alba and the Perigord. People have asked me what a truffle tastes like and it's impossible to describe. I say something like the angel's (lower case) athletic socks.
anyone October 6, 2010
Black truffle over risotto, white truffle over a cheeseburger with white cheese and a truffled aioli, either on mashed potatoes, scallops. Crab and lobster. I went to a truffle convention and in a seminar a man said there is no truffle in truffle oil and that it was being worked on by a group of scientist and their getting close (due to botchalism) . I have only used truffles since hearing this and have great a selection and many different types here in Oregon.
aargersi October 6, 2010
You don't really want to cook with truffle oil or even heat it up too much, because that will kill the truffle flavor - we are big drizzlers of it on mac n cheese, pizza, steak. I also LOVE truffle and honey vinaigrette on arrugula - whisk together some oil and vinegar (I use extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar) with a pinch of salt and a grind of pepper. Whisk in a little bit of honey at a time - tasting as you go so it doesn't get too sweet. Then whisk in just a few drops of truffle oil - you don't need much. It's delicious!
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