If a recipe calls for Panko breadcrumbs, and I don't have (and don't care to buy) anyway, what would I use -- including something I would make, of course -- instead? Thank you!!



TheWimpyVegetarian October 6, 2010
I do a combination of both mrslarkins and drbabs recommendations. I grind my breadcrumbs coarser than I normal would and toast them lightly in a 250-300F oven or in a dry skillet over low heat. They've worked just fine as a substitute for panko.
drbabs October 6, 2010
AntoniaJames, I have used my own bread crumbs in place of panko but I toasted them first--just lightly in a low oven until crunchy. You could also use rice krispies--especially if you're trying to make something that's gluten-free.
mrslarkin October 6, 2010
Depending on the recipe, I would substitute regular breadcrumbs. Or if you're making them yourself, just process them a little courser than you normally would. Also, you might want to try crushed saltine crackers, if you've got them in the pantry.
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