I didn't see any sugar in the ingredients and wanted to double check to make sure before I started the jam. I love cherries and I love amaretto/...

...almonds, so I'm looking forward to making this jam. Please advise on the sugar.

Thanks so much.

Cherry Amaretto Jam
Recipe question for: Cherry Amaretto Jam


aargersi June 14, 2011
Hi Cathy! DrBabs is right - it's to taste. I am making a batch this week matter o' fact! Add the sugar a little at a time, maybe 1/4 cup and simmer and stir so you don't accidentally get it too sweet.
drbabs June 13, 2011
Read the comments under the recipe. aargersi first made it with sweet cherries and didn't need sugar, but in the comments she says to taste it and add sugar to taste.
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