A question about a recipe: The Tangiest Lemon Bars

I have a question about step 2 on the recipe "The Tangiest Lemon Bars" from ashley_samuel_pierson. It says:

"Press the dough into the bottom of a 8- inch square baking pan."

I decided to try this curst method rather than what I'm used to (pulsing the dough ingredients in a FP with cold butter until crumbly.) It first was a batter that couldn't be pressed into the pan but it did thicken up and I put blobs in the pan and pressed it around. Seems weird. I hope it turns out okay. It seems like such a small serving size too, and I have to serve these this afternoon.

I did double check the recipe against what was reported in newspapers to promote the book and it is correct, all ingredients are about the same.

The Tangiest Lemon Bars
Recipe question for: The Tangiest Lemon Bars


ashleychasesdinner August 25, 2011
Great idea with the lime nutcakes!
nutcakes August 25, 2011
Thanks they turned out wonderfully. Since they are quite small (imo) I also served each person a small rich brownie square and the lemon squares were the clear favorite. Can't wait to try them with lime.
ashleychasesdinner August 24, 2011
Hi Nutcakes,
I didn't run into that problem, but I hope all turned out.
nutcakes June 17, 2011
The crust looks okay, so I poured the filling over it and back in the oven it went.
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