Not exactly a question about the recipe, Blondies - Gluten-Free and Completely Delicious, itself, but about the whisk shown in slides 4 & 5.

I've never owned or even used a whisk shaped like the one Merrill's using that's shown in the slides posted this morning. What kind of whisk is that? Why is it better to use one like that for a blondie batter than a traditional whisk? Are there any other uses for which that is a superior whisk? Do tell, please! Many thanks. ;o)



susan G. June 24, 2011
Sometimes it's just the pleasure of feeling that piece of equipment in your hand...
boulangere June 23, 2011
I vote balloon.
Greenstuff June 23, 2011
I've been hoping that Merrill would weigh in, but in the meanwhile... I really like whisks, and I often pick up new ones. Most of which don't get much use, so I'm especially to learn from other people's experience. The double round type (if you look closely, you'll see that there are two wire spheres, one inside the other) are usually thought to be really good at incorporating air into the mixture. For these blondies, I wouldn't have thought that was so important--I would have used a more standard teardrop balloon-type whisk with thicker wire. Anyone else?
Cheryl J. June 23, 2011
Here's what I found when I googled whisks...

Good luck!
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