A question about a recipe: Romantic French Lentil Salad

I am hosting a girls' dinner tomorrow night, and this sounds like the perfect side for the salmon I'm planning on making...how far in advance could I make this salad? Should I stop at getting the components ready and toss it all together tomorrow evening? Can I mix the lentils and dressing tonight, and toss in the herbs and bacon tomorrow?

Romantic French Lentil Salad
Recipe question for: Romantic French Lentil Salad


MTMitchell June 27, 2011
Thanks Merrill and ErikaKerekes!!! I made it last night (without the herbs) and snuck a taste this morning. It's yummy, and I think it will be the perfect side for some salmon I'm making. Of course, I'll need to make more bacon and add it in this evening...at some point (actually, at many points) during my making and assembly of the dish, my husband made a serious dent in the bacon pile...
ErikaKerekes June 26, 2011
Actually, you can make it all ahead of time EXCEPT the herbs. If you add them too far ahead, the acid in the vinaigrette turns them brown. Add the herbs right before serving.
Merrill S. June 26, 2011
Seems to me like you could make the whole thing ahead of time and refrigerate -- Stephanie, who tested the recipe, says is makes great leftovers!
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