Other uses for rice flour?

I bought a bag of rice flour yesterday to make Sasha's Salvadoran Breakfast Cakes. What are other good recipes/uses for it? I've never cooked with rice flour before. Thanks!

  • Posted by: EmilyC
  • July 10, 2011


AntoniaJames July 11, 2011
Excellent when used for fried fish. I learned that from pauljoseph!! I dry rub a firm, flaky fish with dukkah, let it sit for 20 - 30 minutes, then dust it lightly with rice flour. Delicious!! ;o)
Panfusine July 11, 2011
. First & foremost, for thickening gravies.

2. A quick & easy wheat crepe :
2 tbsp rice flour,
1 tbsp each whole wheat flour & semolina (or cornmeal),

make a thin batter using buttermilk (diluted with water if needed). add a packet of yeast and allow to sit for an hour, add Salt to taste.
Heat a tablespoon of oil till smoking hot, add 1/2 a spoon of Mustard seeds, Cumin & finely minced 1/2 a green chile. When the cumin splits & the mustard starts popping. add to the batter & mix well.
In a really hot non stick skillet, add 1/2 a tsp of oil & swirl around. Add a ladle of the batter, swirl to evenly coat the bottom. when the edges of the crepe start curling, flip the crepe over & cook the other side...Serve with any chutney of your choice. (I'm guessing Jenny's mint pesto would work fabulously)
EmilyC July 10, 2011
Thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions! I have a bad habit of buying an ingredient for one recipe and then neglecting it, so your ideas will come in handy.
Sam1148 July 10, 2011
You could use it in Okonomiyaki
Mixed with some of the AP flour. http://www.food52.com/recipes/12352_okonomiyaki

Or in Korean Scallion Pancakes. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/11/dining/111irex.html
Or use like you would cornstarch for frying bit of chicken for a stir fry.
Or in tempura batter.
susan G. July 10, 2011
Another excellent cookie: http://www.food52.com/recipes/9346_rice_cookies
cookinginvictoria July 10, 2011
I tested this recipe for an Editor's Pick, and it is really delicious. It is a great way to use rhubarb and (brown rice) flour. http://www.food52.com/recipes/12553_glutenfree_rhubarb_lemon_and_almond_cake

CarinaTruyts July 10, 2011
I make the most delicious rice flour and coconut pancakes from the Ottolenghi Cookbook. Blog post and link: http://mzan.si/D5GL a lovely refreshing starter. I make double the recipe then eat pancakes for another day or 2.
susan G. July 10, 2011
Many of the gluten free recipes use rice flour. The Raspberry Brownies are a favorite.
Also, many traditional shortbread recipes include rice flour because it is so silky (is there a food chemistry reason too?).
And, it can be used as/in face powder!
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