Tabbouleh- barley or bulgur?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


pierino July 28, 2011
Bulgar is preferred over barley by miles. But I like to make a provencal style tabbouleh using couscous. Be sure to use lots of mint and parsley as it should come out really green.
Tony S. July 28, 2011
Without questions bulgur. #1 grind is best
Abijosiah July 28, 2011
I used slightly undercooked couscous the other day and it tasted fine
Helen's A. July 27, 2011
healthierkitchen July 27, 2011
Generally bulgar but I recently used a fine grind barley from kalustyan's that had a texture like couscous or bulgar that might be an interesting swap
susan G. July 27, 2011
Bulgur is traditional, and there are several grades of bulgur I use the whole grain health food bulgur, but I believe 'fine' bulgur is more common. If you're near a Middle Eastern market, you'd have these choices.
Some people use the tabbouli ingredients with a different grain. I like to switch in quinoa, preferably brown quinoa.
aargersi July 27, 2011
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