Is meatless monday supposed to be dairy free? I've seen places suggesting both sides? has recipes that include dairy and cheese, says that you shouldn't use dairy on meatless Monday. I'm confused...



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I am a flexitarian and do a lot of meatless M,T, W, Th, F, St, Sn and even catilsday.

if you go meatless you might just well try dairy free to boot. I found that there was a profound effect on how I felt when I eliminated the dairy from my menu. my sinuses and IBS have settled significantly. I have actually given up dairy completely since this realization with the exception of the occasional tip of bluecheese.
To me, meatless mondays are a great bridge to start experiemnting with our health and dietary likes and dislikes.
It was a 5 year journey with me and my wife to eat the way we do now.
Celebrate every conquest of food. our first step was to get rid of chemicals and preservatives from our food. we threw away a big bag of stuff and we felt like champions. after that was comfortable we kicked out corn syrup and the like, we celebrated again. then processed foods, then refined flours and sugars, then we experimented with 1 veggie day a week and soon enough we eat more veggie meals now than ones with meat and dairy. The whole point being that we had a goal of how we wanted top eat and we slowly taucght ourselves how to enjoy those foods. now when we eat poorly we feel it very quickly in our bodies, energy levels and moods. we now have urges for vegetables when faced with too many bad food descissions. recently on vacation we had very little opportunity for vegetables in any form, we longed for a salad. what an interesting feeling and yet another reason to celebrate. good luck and continue with your journey and enjoy great health!
ChefJune July 28, 2011
I was completely unaware there were any "rules" governing Meatless Mondays until you posed your question. We also aren't locked into Meatless Monday. Sometimes it's Meatless Thursday!
sweeteats34 July 28, 2011
As others have mentioned, do what is best for you and your body. Have a meatless day or two....why does it have to be Monday?

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MrsKeller July 27, 2011
It can be whatever you want it to be. To the best of my knowledge, there is no Meatless Monday Police.
Suburbanitis July 27, 2011
I think that any effort in the right direction can't be a bad one. If you exclude dairy, you risk excluding some participants who might be hesitant to go whole-hog ( hog). If you want to exclude dairy, go for it! But all in all it's a generalized effort to make good and to feel good, not a regime.
Sam1148 July 27, 2011
Why tie yourself down to a external preconceived source? Enjoy food. But yes, if you want to go meatless a day or two a week, that's probably good for you in that it causes you to think a bit more your diet. Above all, food shouldn't be a chore or an addiction but something to enjoy..balance in all things is the way to go IMHO.

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