Semolina = same thing as semolina flour?

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bootlegga July 28, 2011
pierino July 28, 2011
Chef Michael, "farina" is simply the Italian word for "flour" which can describe any type of flour. Farro would be spelt or emmer---triticum whatever in Latin...
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hmmm, i wonder about the cream of wheat... Cream of wheat is also called farina. maybe more of a farro base? but for pasta and pizza dough the semilino is my pick-o.
sarabclever July 28, 2011
Isn't semolina cream of wheat? I have wondered about this too because I've seen recipes for semolina cake, and they have you cook "the grains" first before adding it to the rest of the batter--and I couldn't imagine doing that with semolina flour. I've never actually chased down the answer and whether I was supposing right so this is a good question.
pierino July 28, 2011
Yes, (although technically it should be semolino) ground flour from hard durham type wheat.
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