A question about a recipe: Boozy Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade

Can the mixture be made a day ahead? How well does it fare overnight in the fridge?



piccantedolce July 20, 2012
the watermelon will separate out as it sits, but a quick stir or shake (depending on your container) will easily fix that.
littlelemon October 4, 2011
Hmm, so I am betting from the responses that the watermelon doesn't separate out as the drink sits? I'm thinking of doing a large batch for a party, and leaving it in a drink dispenser.
cheese1227 August 21, 2011
Are you using seedless water melon?
piccantedolce July 30, 2011
Hi there, Sorry for the delayed response, we've kept it without the booze for up to 3 days in our fridge, though I'm not sure how it lasted that long!
Amanda H. July 30, 2011
Apologies for the annoying spam -- we're working on fixing it.
susan G. July 29, 2011
Somehow, half the recipe made a good bit, and circumstances were such that the pre-dinner became breakfast and the pitcher in the fridge, without the booze, held up perfectly for four, with 2 small servings the day after. I think the integration of the flavors actually improved with time. I doubt that it should be kept longer than that -- but I wouldn't expect there to be any left. It's lovely stuff!
Amanda H. July 29, 2011
It's best fresh, but I drank some the next day and it was still delicious.
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