Is non stick cookware long term use worthy of an investment?

I'm curious. I've never had a non-stick pan that I didn't toss after 10 years or so. I'm considering them almost disposable cookware now, as no matter how careful I am, mistakes happen, and they mess up over time.

Has anyone ever had a hand-me-down non stick pan that has been used by your grandmother/father for more than 10 years? Of course people say if you treat it nice it will last a 'life time' in reality has that worked for more than decade for any here?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • July 31, 2011


thibse August 1, 2011
Absolutely--but it's called cast iron. A well-seasoned cast pan will be practically as non-stick as a brand-new expensive 'non stick' pan, last forever, and, even better than non-toxic, actually makes your food healthier. Start working on one now, and by the time your current teflon-alternative breaks down, it will step into its place. The don't have to be expensive either--my favorites come from yard sales!
pierino August 1, 2011
Stupid and disgusting answer: but I spent a lot of time traveling in Italy and often we would rent an apartment or house somewhere. Typically the kitchens were supplied with cheapola non-stick cookware in which inevitably some idiot had used a metal fork to stir their eggs. I do own a bunch of decent non-stick stuff, some of it Italian, but nothing I would consider an heirloom. Some I left behind for future tenants so that there would be at least one useable pan in the house.
Panfusine August 1, 2011
I have a couple of good quality non stick skillets that I use sparingly when I need it. Otherwise, 'm in the process of tossing my non sticks out. as susan g says not worth the toxicity. I'd rather invest in good quality cast iron!
susan G. August 1, 2011
Another one of those kitchen fiasco episodes involved non-stick. A baking sheet with non-stick surface got put in the oven during a self-clean cycle. It started to smell and we realized that we were probably inhaling something toxic. Fortunately it was not winter! We opened up everything and went outside until things settled down. That was a dramatic lesson -- non-stick is not worth the risk of toxicity. Maybe the new surfaces are safer, but I'd rather season a cast iron pan. I've had some of mine for 40+ years and they just get better.
Merrill S. August 1, 2011
So sorry for the spam! We're still working to resolve this. Personally, I've never seen a non-stick pan last for longer than a few years, but I think the ones they're making now may be somewhat more durable.
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